River Valley Farms


Fresh Produce.

Grown with Love.

Conserving resources

We believe in sustainable farming.

Family built and Family operated, River Valley Farms is conveniently located 20 miles West of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Using state of the art farming practices, all of our products are grown pesticide free, leveraging hydroponic growing techniques. Our motto is grow healthy, grow sustainable and grow with love! With generations of farming experience in our blood, it is our pleasure to serve North Texas with fresh, great tasting culinary delights.

365 Days a Year

We grow tasty greens.

River Valley Farms is an innovative local grower with proprietary growing concepts and designs. Proudly, we grow without GMO’s in a pesticide-free controlled, greenhouse environment using sustainable agricultural practices, while utilizing innovative farming technology. Producing premium and flavorful produce while utilizing the most sustainable methods is our focus.

We believe in producing the most nutritious produce for our families as well as yours. By harvesting daily and early, we ensure the healthiest and most fresh produce will be provided to you.

From the Farm

True to our values, it is our goal to provide fresh and quality produce leveraging our state of the art cold chain processes. We harvest the day we deliver, pesticide free and farmed sustainably. It is our pleasure to serve your culinary needs.

Directly to your Table

As your local farmer, it is our aim to help you attain your culinary vision. Rest assured knowing we take great family farming pride in having the opportunity to provide you with the produce to elevate your flavor profiles expand your culinary vision.

We are located at

411 Koldin Dr, Aledo, TX 76008